Where your adventure begins

Overlanding Senja was created out of passion for adventures, nature and exploring.

We love to spend time outside, hiking in the mountains and camp in the most beautiful places.

Our goal is to make a place where people from different backgrounds can meet, forge lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories while enjoying Senja’s stunning mountains, fjords, and the Northern Lights in the background.

What guests say

Aneta KlimekAneta Klimek
15:44 05 Jan 24
I highly recommend a trip to Senja with this company. The guides have a lot of knowledge and you can feel that they are fascinated by themselves. We chose the trip even though we could have gone by car and we don't regret it - because we visited all the interesting places. Thanks to the experience of the guides, we were able to see these places at a time of day when the light was best, and thanks to their perceptiveness, we saw wild animals in real life. The trip was in a very comfortable car, despite difficult road conditions we felt safe. We also have beautiful videos and photos as souvenirs, which was a nice surprise. Additionally, the guides encouraged us to visit this island so much that we would like to visit it in the summer as well.
Jelle ScheerJelle Scheer
18:33 03 Jan 24
My girlfriend and I did a day tour through Senja with Piotr, and it was the most lovely day ever. Piotr has a lot of knowledge and experience with the island and nature in general, which he gladly shared with us. He took us to beautiful spots at just the right times of the day, which isn't easy considering there are just 4 hours of "real daylight" during the polar nights. If you want to experience Senja with a friendly and knowledgeable guide that respects nature and the animals, we would full heartedly recommend booking a trip with Piotr.
21:36 18 Dec 23
I recommend ! Piotrek and Marzena have a lot of knowledge not only about Senja but also about most of Norway. We had the pleasure of using both a private tour and accommodation. An individual trip is a great option for people who want to see not only the most recognizable points of Senja but also those hidden delights that not everyone knows about but are equally worth attention.The accommodation was clean and cozy and the kittens just kept us entertained in the evenings.I highly recommend it 💪🏻
Jakub MagdziarzJakub Magdziarz
17:48 18 Dec 23
The Senja tour was amazing! Piotr and Marzena, our guides, made every moment full of fascinating stories and unforgettable views. Thank you for unforgettable memories! 😍❄️🌨️
Patryk BoberPatryk Bober
20:57 13 Dec 23
A fantastic trip around the island of Senja, led by Piotrek and Marzena!The beginning of the trip immediately heralded professionalism, enriched with enormous knowledge about the island, there was not a single question unanswered. Communication and taking care of our comfort at an unprecedented level, focusing on safety in the form of the highest quality equipment confirmed our belief that we couldn't have chosen a better place. Not only cradles or snowshoes were at the ready when the weather changed dramatically, you could count on hot tea and a sweet gift. The tour route is planned so that each kilometer becomes more and more impressive, and the number of attractions increases. Our entire stay on Senja was crowned with an amazing photo session, which took place both from the ground and from the air. If Senja, only with them 😊
Yoann JelotYoann Jelot
10:21 28 Nov 23
One of the best unplanned ideas that we had !Marzena and Piotr were very helpful and also very friendly, highly recommended 👍🏼It was a real pleasure to spend this day with them and talk with them 👍🏼They also showed us so many beautiful places and shared with us a lot of information / stories about Senja.
Jagoda JarońskaJagoda Jarońska
10:20 28 Nov 23
One of the best trips of my life! Marzena and Piotr were the most helpful, fun and informative guides we could have asked for ❤️ They showed us hidden gems of the island, shared lots of info and made huge effort to give us the best experience possible 😊 Highly highly recommended! ❤️🗻🌲
Fabiana QuezadaFabiana Quezada
08:29 16 Nov 23
Our tours with Mary and Peter were an unforgettable experience. We booked the Discover Senja trip which was full of breathtaking sights thanks to their knowledge of the island and the route they created which allowed us to be in the places exactly when the sun hit. We also wanted to hike Hesten so on the 2nd day we joined them again. They made sure we had everything we needed (ice crampons, snacks, tea, etc) and managed to include as many wonderful views as possible. During the entire time they captured amazing shots of us and the landscape with their drone and camera, which we wouldn’t have obtained otherwise. Thanks Mary and Peter, your passion and knowledge of Senja helped create incredible memories for us.
Ylvi OosterbaanYlvi Oosterbaan
18:04 22 Oct 23
We spent two nights at Peter and Mary's house on Senja and were received with open arms and a ton of great recommendations! Their house is comfortable and cosy, the location a great starting point when we rented their car for a tour around the island and with two amazing cats to play with. Thanks so much for showing us our first auroras and your enthusiasm about traveling. Hope to meet you again someday! Would 200% recommend going here 🙂

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