Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have any questions – probably you’ll find an answer for all of it below.
We encourage you to read the FAQ list before contacting us.

How to prepare for a trip?

Preparing for your adventure with Overlanding Senja is easy. Pack your sense of wonder, curiosity, and a spirit of exploration. Dress warmly if you’re visiting during the winter months, and don’t forget your camera to capture memories. Our guides will handle the rest, ensuring you have a safe and memorable experience. It’s that simple; just show up, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What trips are available?

We offer a variety of trips that cater to different interests and timeframes. Whether you’re seeking a Northern Lights expedition, a guided overland tour, or a private adventure with our expert guide  we have something for everyone. Our trips are designed to help you discover the wonders of Senja Island, so explore our offerings and choose the one that speaks to your sense of adventure. Your Senja journey awaits—book now to secure your spot and create lasting memories.

Can I cancel the trip?

We understand that plans can change. Our cancellation policy allows for cancellations up to 5 days before the trip’s scheduled start time and receive refund. From the refund we will deduct handling fee 150 nok per person. After that no refund can be issued. 

To ensure a smooth process, we kindly ask that all cancellations be submitted in writing to our email address at This enables us to promptly process your request and ensure a seamless experience for our guests.

Can you guarantee I’ll see Aurora?

The Aurora is a natural wonder, and its beauty lies in its unpredictability, which means we cannot control it. 

Our experienced guides are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible opportunity to witness the Northern Lights during your time with us. Senja’s strategic location within the Arctic Circle significantly increases your chances. It’s one of the prime spots in the world for Aurora viewing, thanks to its minimal light pollution and clear, unpolluted skies.

Who Is Responsible for My Belongings During the Trip?

While our team is committed to your safety and comfort, it’s important to note that you are responsible for your personal belongings throughout the trip. We recommend considering travel insurance, especially if you have valuable gear, to ensure your peace of mind during your adventure.

How to get to Senja?

Senja is located in Northern Norway, to get here you can fly to Oslo, Norway and then choose flight to one of the closest airport – Bardufoss (BDU) or Tromsø (TOS). Also from this year a lot of European countries offer direct fly to Tromsø. Easiest way to get from the airport to Senja from Bardufoss Airport is by shuttle bus to Finnsnes. From Tromsø you can hop on board of express boat from city centre to Finnsnes Kai.

Where is a meet up point?

We are starting our trips in Finnsnes, meet up point is Finnsnes Kai (bus&ferry terminal). We also pick up guests from hotels in Finnsnes/Silsand area. Pick up on request is available on our private tours

I am staying in Tromsø, is one day trip from Tromsø to Senja possible in the same day?

Of course! Many of our guests have accommodation in Tromsø and just doing one day excursion on Senja with us. One day excursion is possible due to express boat from Tromsø city center, it only takes 1h 15 min to reach Finnsnes Kai (Senja). Morning ferry starts from Tromsø at 7:00 am, you will be in Finnsnes at 8:20 (we can offer earlier pick up for guests coming from Tromsø). Ferry back from Finnsnes Kai (Senja) is at 18:00 during week days. Duration of our tours is around 6-7 hours so you will be back in Finnsnes before ferry back to Tromsø.
Planning your trip on Saturday? Morning ferry from Tromsø is at 8:00 and you will be in Finnsnes at 9:20 (don’t worry we gonna wait for you at the terminal). Ferry back to Tromsø on Saturday is at 16:45 and we gonna drop you off to Finnses before that time.
You can also check the ferry schedule here. Type Tromsø prostneset hurtigbåtkai as the place you traveling from.